Watching The King’s Speech

Brilliant piece of work. Never get tired of watching this.

Watching The King’s Speech with Winona

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Muak bgt gw sama ormas semacam Pemuda Pancasila. #berantaspremanisme

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Watching The Hunt

This movie just shut my desire of ever wanting to teach kindergarten. Children can be such assholes, and their parents worse.

Watching The Hunt with Winona

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It’s too damn hot today. I feel like a pig being slowly cooked on the grill. Oh that would be yummy. – with Winona

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Watching American Sniper

Let’s what this is about..

Watching American Sniper with Winona

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Watching Fifty Shades of Grey

What kind of bullshit movie is this? I thought this century was about the empowerment of women. But I don’t get why ever since that crappy Twilight Saga most women today love movies where the leading female role acts like a complete fucking dumbass! It pisses me off! Good review my ass..

Watching Fifty Shades of Grey with Winona

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Watching Meet Joe Black

Malaikat kematiannya cileupeung..

Watching Meet Joe Black with Winona

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